Chatty Secondary School aims to nurture and foster discipline, creativity, embraces technology and develop learners with sound Christian morals and values to meet the challenges of our society.


Chatty Secondary School aims to instil the following values in its learners;
Respect for their fellow learners and teachers
Pride in the school
A culture of learning
And respect for the rights of others
Clean and neat environment
Our school also endeavours to develop our sport and culture amenities to develop all facets of the learner.
The school will ensure that the educators are fully equipped to assist and guide the learners to achieve these values.
A close working relationship with the school governing body and parents will be cultivated so that the combine’s effort can be made to achieve these goals.
We at Chatty will live up to the schools motto.
“nil mortalibus ardu est”
“anything is possible with hard work”
Chatty Secondary School aims to develop its learners, to the best of their potential so that they may become worthy members of our society.