Educator, Learner and Non Teaching Staff

  • We currently have 32 permanent educators with 3 SGB teachers.
  • The learner total is 1024 learners
  • Non teaching staff permanently employed is 2. Additional staff – 6 for cleaning and security. 
  • We have a team of very committed educators who offer up their holidays and weekends in order to improve results by giving extra lessons. This is done on a voluntary basis.
  • Sport has the ability to improve discipline and learner-teacher relationships. We strive to embark on projects to embrace more sporting codes so as to get maximum participation of our learners. 

The improvement of learner’s performance has the ability to uplift the community within which the school exists. We sincerely hope that our endeavors can give hope to this community and in so doing ensure that learners can make a meaningful contribution to the future of this country.

   Mrs. N. Chan-King    Principal